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that obama has done nothing to stop. >> we're four years closer to a nuclear iran. we're four years closer to a nuclear iran. >> yes. four years after obama was elected, four whole years have passed. (laughter) the president did nothing to stop the march of time (laughter) not only is iran four years closer to a nuclear bomb, if you think about it, everybody is. even me! (cheers and applause) admittedly, i'm still far away. the mentos and diet coke stage. but still. (laughter) and, folks, mitt laid out his prosecution of the president's weak leadership. >> four years ago the president began what i called an apology tour of going to various nations in the middle east and criticizing america. i think they look at that and saw weakness. >> nothing governor romney just said is true. >> yes it is! (laughter) you apologized. not only that, you bowed to leaders all over the world! that is not presidential! f.d.r. never bowed to foreign leaders. (laughter) he never even stood for them! (laughter) but obama -- (cheers and applause) -- obama, obama will bow to anyone! hell, after the debate he bowed
. >> obama: we have increased oil production to the highest levels in 16 years. natural gas production is the highest it's been in decades. we have seen increases in coal production. >> romney: more drilling, more permits and licenses. >> obama: yes, we still continue to open up new areas of drilling. we continue to make it a priority for us to go after natural gas. >> romney: we're going to bring that pipeline in from canada. how in the world the president said no to that pipeline, i will never know. >> obama: we have opened up public plans. we're drilling more on public lands than the previous administration and the previous president was an oil man. >> romney: more drilling and more permits and licenses. >> obama: we made the largest investment in clean coal technology. >> romney: in the last four years you cut lances on federal land and waters in half. >> obama: not true. >> romney: how much did you cut them. >> obama: not true. governor, we produced more oil. >> cenk: yeah, i'm more pro-oil more pro-coal and then i brag that i drill more than president bush. and then bragging how
president obama. like i said for christie to win next year, he has to get a fair number of people voting for barack obama this year. >> let me raise this, though, joy. what struck me, as we deal with this presidential race, is that it was announced today that the president is coming to new jersey tomorrow to see some of the devastation and that governor christie was going to accompany him, which is appropriate. but when governor christie was asked about whether or not he was going to tour with governor romney, as some have suggested, by fox new, listen to what he said. >> is there any possibility that governor romney may go to new jersey to tour some of the damage with you? >> i have no idea, nor am i the least bit concerned or interested. i've got a job to do here in new jersey. that's much bigger than presidential politics. and i could care less about any of that stuff. i have a job to do. identify got 2.4 million people out of power. i've got devastation on the shore. i've got floods in it is northern part of my state. if you think right now i give a damn about presidential politics,
: president obama has been here eight times this year, governor romney has been here 6. paul ryan may be eligible to vote, he's been here that much. joe biden has been here once. we have had a lot of its from michelle obama. we have seen plenty of action this cycle. host: bill clinton could be coming to your state. he is scheduled to campaign for the president today in colorado. he was supposed to be in colorado springs tuesday but cancelled due to the storm. guest: pending the outcome of the storm on the east coast, we will see both candidates later in the week. governor romney was here last week and held a rally at red rock and thousands were turned away. the following day, he held a rally in denver and drew a crowd estimated at 16,000. the governor this week has reserved an amphitheater in the southern suburbs of has a capacity of 18,000 people. there were looking at going to boulder to hold a rally there. they're certainly trying to turn out a lot of voters with momentum. >> one week to go and following on -- host: of one week to go and looking at the momentum in colorado. the num
for the clinton years, through the bush years and through the obama years. so for 11 years i was there. my role was to detect and deter a waste, fraud, and abuse and improve the economy and efficiency of the agency. i believe very strongly, and we believe strongly that it was important for the citizens to know what their government was doing, and that's not only in the law enforcement context but in the intelligence area as well and we did a number of very sensitive reviews and intelligence matters ranging from the review of the robert hansen case that the fbi, why was it that robert hanson could be a spy and the fbi's mr. several decades without them finding out. when it initially came out the fbi said, well, it's because of his widely trade craft. the new tax politics system. rasta look at it and determine that was not true. they have a lax internal security methods and that he needed improvement. not only do we do that report from, but we also made public the findings of that report. a lot of people said how can you do that? a very sensitive area. top-secret. but the push very hard to make a
, foreign policy. bad news for president obama because -- >> in the history of presidents of the united states, he's our worst at foreign policy. >> this is a very weak ill-conceived foreign policy. every place you look is failure. >> the jimmy carter years look like the good old days compared to where we are right now. >> the president has communicated weakness. >> jon: weakness in foreign policy! obama is weaker than coolidge in foreign policy! weaker than polk! weaker than president flinchington j. craphispants. (laughter) as you know, the only president in united states history who ever had his wallet stolen by a baby. (laughter) you don't hear as much about old president craphispants. (laughter) but given obama's foreign policy record, this debate is going to be a bloodbath. >> i congratulate him on taking out osama bin laden. drones are being used in drone strikes and i support that entirely. and feel the president was right. i want to underscore the same point the president made. i felt the same as the president did. i supported his action there. absolutely the right thing to do
) >> jon: i think romney's leaning obama! (laughter) apparently romney is one of this year's coveted swing voters. look, how closely did mitt romney align himself with what had, i guess up until last night, been the worst foreign policy ever? listen to these guys duet on syria. >> i believe that assad must go. >> assad has to go. >> i don't want to have our military involved in syria. >> for us to get more entangled militarily in syria is a serious step. >> so the right course for us is working through our partners -- >> -- in consultation with our partners -- >> -- to identify responsible parties within syria. >> mobilizing the moderate forces. >> organize them. >> helping the operation organize. >> we need to make sure -- >> making absolutely certain -- >> that they don't have arms -- >> -- arms ? >> the wrong hands. >> to hurt us down the road. (. >> (both together) thank you. (cheers and applause) >> jon: wow, what the hell was that? on foreign policy it appears that all that's left for the presidential race is this one model. i mean, at least we still get our choice of color but it's
years, through the bush years after the obama years. for for 11 years i was there. our role is to detect and deter waste, fraud, and abuse, and improve the economy and efficiency of the agency. but our role was also to promote transparency and what the agency did, because i believe very strong and we believe are strongly that it was important for the citizens in the at the government was doing. that's the point in the law enforcement context, but in the intelligence area as well. we did reduce intelligence matters ranging from review of the robert hanssen case at the fbi, why wasn't the robert hanssen could be a spy and fbi missed for several decades, when it initially came out, the fbi said it was because of his wily tradecraft picking out to exploit the system and we are asked to look at it determined that that was not true. that they had lax internal security methods and that he it needed improvement. not only did we do that report but we also made public the findings of the report. a lot of people said how can you do that? this is a very sensitive area. it's top secret area, we push
direction. if we keep talking about the economy we're going to lose. >> that's the first mitt romney anti-obama ad said this year. quoting the president as saying if we keep talking about the economy we're going to lose. here's what president obama actually said. >> senator's mccame's campaign actually said and i quote, if we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose. >> he was quoting somebody else, to criticize the quote. the romney campaign intentionally took president obama totally out of context. totally out of context so that was a complete lie and the response when they got called out on it was not to cut a new version or pull it down their response was to say they meant to do that and mr. romney personally defended that ad and it's still on their website. with seven days before the election not be a surprise that the closing argument is an ad that even the usually-unoffendable beltway press is calling a flat-out lie. it's not clear at this point how much campaigning is left before election day given the storm bettering the east coast right now. both candidates have officially
. we need josh mandel in ohio. we need him now. you know, president obama -- over the last four years has made a lot of decisions. some of them, he siad would result in new jobs that haven't happened. he said he'd cut the deficit. it hasn't happened. we have someone who is running for president who knows how to bring back jobs. he has the experience. he has the experience and the record nd he knows how to work with democrats and repubicansbls and that's why we need mitt romney to fix what's broken and bring back the american dream. i see a uaw member here in front of me. i will talk autos in a way that is straight talk. obama said a few things that, as he said, were "whoppers." he said, you wanted to take those companies through ban kruptcy. it was obama who took gm and chrysler through bankruptcy. it was mitt romney who did provide for loan guarantees. every fact-checker who looked has said that barack obama was wrong and was not telling the truth. this is what is most important, with the communities depending on autos. the policies that will be good for the auto industry, for the st
? barack obama as a senator ran for president for nearly two years along with a few other people including the secretary of state joe biden. they all got what they were doing is offering specific solutions to change the course of a very weak economy. we only had 2.6 million jobs before. then all of a sudden six days before the election we have the biggest financial crisis before the great depression. throughout all this make shifting in the debates, or what the president calls romn- esia, the central argument is that if governor romney was elected everything would be hunky dory. nothing can be done in four years. for this is not just my opinion. the most important authorities in the world of financial crisis are two professors at harvard. he won the nobel prize and a belief is a moderate republican. he's one of this evidence based guys. not very popular in the republican party. i said you're kind enough to send me a copy of your book. this time it is different. i read it. i want to ask you. is there any way anybody could have prepared all of the damage that barack obama found on the day he
children will be left with. i voted for president obama last time, but we just can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. we endure the wrath of sandy and areas to the north are a delusion of flooding and damage. it is causing big problems for everyone involved. >> pamela brown is monitoring rain, the wind, and the snow. >> the damage is widespread. an estimated 50 million people are getting a strong wind and snow in some areas. >> it collides with an early winter storm. a little bit of everything up the east coast. from choppy waves at punishing wind, it will eventually rein in connecticut, new jersey, new york. andhis is a serious storm have fataltentially consequences if people had not acted quickly. >> evacuation is no longer possible. this has become particularly problematic in atlantic city. >> grand central station empty. buildingcity, the collapsed leaving the apartment exposed. look at this dangling in the wind. this 260 miles above shows the sizescope of the massive magnitude. madee first half -- path today. >> record storm surge expected
to a formidable digital army plus president obama has a four-year head start and more than three times as many ohio field offices as mitt romney. but the digital battlefield has no boundary. to see how romney's fighting for ohio, i need to go 700 miles east to campaign headquarters in boston. zach move at is romney's digital director. >> essentially the obama has had that significant head start. how do you deal with that challenge? >> we don't judge ourselves based upon the obama campaign because if we did we would judge against a man who has run unopposed for the last year. if we only rely on the actual television we'll lose this election. >> sreenivasan: the survey found roughly third of the electorate is more difficult to reach by traditional campaign methods. they're the people who spend more of their lives online. he calls these voters off the grid. >> this large off the grid population, who are they? >> we define them by the term of people who don't watch live television anymore. other than sports they choose to live their lives on demand. they primarily watch d.v.r., netflix, they're ch
. the denver post notes that president obama has been to the state more than any president in 40 years. he carried it more than any other democrat in 2008. how are republicans responding? guest: republicans are very energized right now. i think you're seeing now from governor romney and paul ryan. host: what the need to have in place in order to win colorado? guest: typically, you start building your ground game about six months out from the erection. clearly, our candidates, mitt romney was still engaged in a primary fight, but they have quickly made up a lot of the ground. you need to have thousands of volunteers in place dispersed among -- along the i 25 corridor and in the pocket communities along the western slope of the mounds. four years ago, hats off to the obama campaign. if they did a tremendous job and had a lot of enthusiasm. but this year, that has been negated in the last couple of months by the republicans. host: where do they feel they can get ahead? early votes? absentee voting? guest: absentee voting, clearly. and right now, the advantage is to the republicans by about 40
with. i voted for president obama last time, but we just can't afford four more years. >> i don't know who that actor is. i wish i could have talked to her and said no one ever said that romney was going to outlaw contracepti contraception. stop fighting a strawman. you're being dishonest to women out there. the issue is whether your insurance policy should cover it and who gets to decide whether it does or not. a legitimate discussion. but to say there's been an accusation, somebody is going to outlaw contraception and birth control which hasn't been outlawed since the '50s, how can you run an ad like that. >> at the beginning of the whole left war argument about the war on women, that was the centerpiece, that the republicans want to outlaw contraception. >> did a democrat ever accuse romney -- >> quite a few. >> where? >> quite a few, chris. did you miss that debate when they were talking about -- when the church first came up that the republicans and romney -- >> having it provided in your insurance coverage. >> well, you asked the question and i answered it. >> you can fight food
of this stuff. i know he has been running for president for the last 20 years it seems, he wouldn't even be in the picture but he is just trying to get his name out there, because obama and the storm will get all of the reaction. >> and it seems like him calling the governors would be just getting in the way. >> and what a coincidence he is doing this in all of the battleground states. >> he'll privatize anything for a buck. >> yeah. >> one way to get rid of these gop people that are having a problem with the government you give them a government job with fair wages and good pay, and all of a sudden 90% of them won't have a problem with the government. >> exactly. let's go to jones in alabama. >> caller: how are you doing chris? >> good. >> caller: this thing about privatizing fema that means they have a friend in the private sector that can go in and buy your home if there's no disaster relief if you can't afford to fix it. the top 1% can easily go into small towns where they have businesses and corporations and buy up the whole town around them. >> yeah. >> the
is over the platforms. trees are down everywhere. it is the worst -- i'm 66 years old and this is the worse storm i have ever seen. we have a president who is going to help people. bush didn't help with katrina and obama is help being. host: judy a democratic caller from michigan. caller: i called in to commend president obama for everything that he has done and is doing throughout this major tragedy. i wish everybody the pwbest on e east coast. and i just know that he's never going to give up because he is one go forward kind of man. i'm proud of him. host: do you think it is the role of government to respond in natural disasters, federal government, or state level? caller: the federal government has to step in when the disaster is this huge. i agree that the local governments have to go out there and make sure the initial emergencies are heeded by the public and then the federal government has to take over because it is too huge when so many states are involved. host: "new york times" editorial page agrees. big storm requires big government but mr. romney wants to gi
happened in the last couple of years a movement toward the center. i think of it as obama negotiatingith himself withn intransigent right which used its power to hold the country hostage, rather than finding common ground. >> so, let's talk about what you did and didn't learn. you've watched the four debates now. do you have any idea of how governor romney would manage to cut income tax rates by 20% without increasing the deficit? or which tax deductions he would eliminate? or specificay, how he'goin to create the 12 million jobs he's promised? or what barack obama's going to do in his second term? do you have any sense of that? >> well, in the case of the 12 million jobs, as we know, you don't have to do anything and you'll get 12 million jobs. any number of economists and moody's analytics have predicted that simply by keeping present policies in place, 12 million jobs will be created over that period. so it's not much of a boast. as for the tax policy, my guess is that he doesn't know and he is just saying things. he has said he wants to cut taxes -- rates by 20%. and i believe he doe
a battle all of next year about how high does president obama want to raise our taxes. i don't care if he raises taxes on the rich, the poor -- well, the poor don't pay taxes, but the rich or middle class, wherever he raises taxes, it's too much money given to a government that doesn't know how to spend money. what the government needs is what reagan did, needs to be put on a diet. it needs less money. it needs to figure out how to get along on less money. it's got to leave that money in the private sector. if romney gets elected, that's the debate you'll have. if obama gets elected, it's how high do taxes go. if romney is legislated, how low can we keep taxes. the second part we need badly is how can we reform the tax system? how can we either go to a flat tax or at least flatten our taxes so that we end up with one or two rates. we end up with fewer deductions, fewer exemptions, put that money in a lower rate. i think governor romney is absolutely right, you don't list those now. he couldn't know what they are now. that's what you negotiate about, but the difference in direction will be
to me, but i'm more concerned about the debt our children will be left with. i voted for president obama last time, but we just can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney we had a good d group of people. good group of employees out there. this was a booming place. and mitt romney and bain capital turned it in to a junk yard. i was suddenly, 60 years old. i had no health care. mainly i was thinking about my family. how am i going to take care of my family. he promised us the same things he's promising the united states. and he'll give you the same thing he gave us. nothing. anncr: priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >>> it's an unforgettable image from a hurricane sandy, a construction crane buckling in new york city snapped in half still dangling at this hour. some nearby buildings have been evacuated. the company in charge of the crane has to figure out how to get the thing down safely, may take place the next couple days. >>> at point pleasant beach, new jersey, crews have been th
for president obama last time, but we just can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. cial area. cn1 >>> hi winds are causing major damage around our area. still reports of toppled trees are coming in from college park, tacoma park and laurel. >> darcy is live tonight where there is yet another tree down. >> reporter: officials have been telling us for day that is this storm was going to be dangerous. it was going to be costly and cause a lot of damage. this is exactly what they were talking about. take a look here. a very large tree fell down in apartment complex and smashed nine vehicles. that's according to prince oxon hill. this tree fell down a little bit earlier this evening. sounded like a!rlo]osion. cu(: sortnis the crack, she knew exactly what it was. take a look at this car here. it is a nissan, maxima. and the woman who owns this car lives right here in this building. she says she was asleep and came out and found this extensive damage where the car fell right on the roof. let's hear what she had to say about this damage. >> this reall
stalin i'm not comparing obama to stalin but the times have been wrong when being right really mattered. the times have a gushing enthusiasm of 17-year-old too naive to know she has been seduced. given that other papers endorsing obama did so reluctantly, it show house far in the pocket the times editorial board is. it must be hard to see clearly when you have obama lint in your eye. "des moines register" endorsed romney. first time they endorsed a republican since endorsing columbus. how to explain the switching from "d" to "r"? this is a tweet -- how does it feel to work for a racist, rob? apparently that tweet has been removed. >> eric: i wasn't eva longoria. it was his. >> dana: is anybody else having this problem? >> greg: a lot of papers flipped to romney. the des moines register, a big deal? >> bob: a big deal. it's been six or seven and i think one or two flipped from republican to obama. >> greg: "the billings gazette." >> bob: in texas, they're three papers and they will go republic. "the des moines register" matters. it's bigest in the state and has political influence. if th
leadership of president barack obama whether it was the presidio park way, transway terminal, completion of third street rail and all of that. in recent years when he served in the congress and now as the secretary of transportation. he knows full well the role that senator boxer played and he was a member in congress of the transportation committee and the consensus she is building in the senate on this is quite remarkable so i am honored to be here with senator feinstein and our colleagues and share in this for san francisco and what you see here mr. secretary is consent. our great mayor lee -- he is the consensus maestro and brings people together and he said "listen, listen" and we act upon the consensus of our community. it's
by president obama over the last four years and you support his policies. they do not work. the economy is stalled. the economy is not going where it needs to go. $16 trillion in debt is what is strangling us today. >> a quick response to that? >> i guess the amnesia is spreading over the country. i do not think it helps to look back, let's look forward. cutting taxes on millionaires and billionaires at the same time you are ok with privatizing medicare. you have demonstrated you want to raise taxes before. i think this is very confusing for the voters. you want to do it on county taxpayers. this is part of your record. >> i have never called for privatizing medicare. i have never supported anything in the ryan budget. that is what you do, you distort what people say to suit your own needs. what i said was that the ryan budget did not go far enough in getting us a balanced budget. we need a balanced budget. i am the only one here who has not voted to cut medicare for current seniors, including my 85-year-old mom. >> the largest part of the ryan budget cuts are to medicare. when you said
will be left with. i voted for president obama last time, but we just can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >>> early voting is closed again today in maryland and the district because of the superstorm. >> maryland governor marten o'malley has extended early voting until this friday, november 2nd. d.c.'s board of elections will provide updates on its plans later on today. >> it is hard to believe but we are just one week out from election day. i know we kind of got sidetrackedded with the storm and all. president obama canceled campaign events today to monday were to the superstorm from the white house. republican challenger mitt romney also canceled campaign plans in ohio today. both are focusing on response and relief efforts. >>> straight ahead at 6:00. >> we continue to follow sandy's aftermath. we'll take you live to ocean city for a look at the damage there when we return.  ananncr: their ads, hopelessly untrue. a west virginia casino launching the biggest ad barrage ever. don't be misled. the washington post says question seven
our children will be left with. i voted for president obama last time, but we just can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >>> today, we are finally getting a sense of how much devastation sandy caused in the area. this is laurel, maryland. they are under water. streets, baseball fields look more like streams. >> look at that. tony tull is live on the ground there with another look at the damage. what are we looking at there? that was a baseball field? you probably couldn't see it. tell us what you have behind you. looks like a tree over there. >> reporter: massive damage. we have been talking the damage all morning long. the next stage will be clean up and assessing the damage. kind of like here in laurel, if you look behind me, there's a house with a massive, massive tree on top of it. the good news, no injuries. you can look at the trunk of the tree to see how massive it is. throughout the region, scenes like this, the damage is all too common over the last 24 hours. as sandy moves through the area, it's the first chance to assess how b
concerned about the debt our children will be left with. i voted for president obama last time, but we just can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >>> our viewers are sharing their pictures of the storm's damage. these are from devin drive in fall church. she writes that there are four trees down on this street. two of them in the same yard. if you have pictures you would like to share, e-mail them to us at >>> mitt romney plans to return to full time campaigning tomorrow after several events canceled because of the storm. president obama won't return to the campaign trail until thursday. the president may have the most to gain or to lose from sandy. >> reporter: the second day off the campaign trail in the situation room coordinating relief. and president obama went to red cross headquarters. to reassure the suffering that fema and his other agencies are helping as fast as possible. >> my message to the federal government. no bureaucracy, no red tape, get resources where they're needed as fast as possible, as hard as pos
many ways as a result of actions taken by the obama administration. >> that goes into the whole debate over this auto bailout, and as we made the point about three or four years ago right after the auto bailout, gm goes and so goes the obama presidency and so goes the election. this campaign with so much attention focused on ohio, one in eight jobs are related somehow to the auto industry there. you see the romney campaign try to make a move and correct things. the question is whether it's too late and whether they're being hit very hard on this current attack that they've had on that jeep ad. >> thank you so much. greatly appreciate you coming on. we'll see what happens there. thank you, mark. massachusetts senator scott brown and elizabeth warren canceled their final debate for tonight as a result of hurricane sandy. in statements both candidates said going forward with the fourth debate would be, quote, inappropriate. it's after a new boston globe poll shows the race tied with brown slightly leading warren 45-43. you know there's a university poll out saying warren is up around 7 po
esponders. i'm worried about the impact on our economy. >> reporter: president obama cancelled an appearance in florida as he oversees that storm. this is the first time in 40 years that that newspaper has endorsed a republican presidential candidate. for his part, romney today asked voters to consider those in sandy's path. >> a lot of people are enduring very difficult times, and our hearts and our prayers go to them. >> reporter: romney replaced his online fund raising efforts with links to the american red cross to help victims of the storm. he's had to cancel campaign events but intends to visit virginia after the storm passes. >>> happening now, more on that epic storm sandy which is paralyzing the lives of millions of people on the east coast. evacuations uations are under way after a back up generator has failed. also a transformer explosion is blamed on sandy. right now officials say more than 5 million people are without power across a half dozen states. a california's 129th rescue wing left moffett field. their mission to rescue stranded storm victims and deliver supplies to isola
. no action. in fact, obama has emphasized, we have to work hard to gain when because 100 years of energy independence by exploiting domestic or canadian resources by fracking and other elaborate technologies. it does not ask what the world would look like in 100 years. so there are differences. the differences are, basically, about how enthusiasticallygs' sd the cliff. [laughter] the second major issue, nuclear war. it is also on the front pages daily. but in a way that was seem outlandish to some independent and fervoobserver. it does seem outrageous to many around the world. the current threat, not for the first time, is in the middle east, focusing on iran. the general picture in the west is very clear. it is far too dangerous to allow iran to reach what is called nuclear capability. that is, the capability enjoyed by many powers. as to whether they have decided to develop nuclear weapons, u.s. intelligence says it does not know. the international atomic energy agency, its most recent report a couple of weeks ago, concludes -- a cannot demonstrate the absence of an undeclared nuclear
way. it's going to take months if not a good year in get that back and up. >> president barack obama declared a major disaster for new york city and long island. super storm sandy is marching slowly inland after leaving at least 17 people dead in its march up the east coast. an estimated 7.4 million homes and businesses are currently without power across 16 states and washington, d.c. and again, in the hard hit big apple the new york stock exchange nasdaq and broadway theaters will be closed for a second straight day and as we said, the president declared a major disaster. pg&e is sending some crewmembers from california, 150, to be exact, to help restore power there. ines ferre is live and she has more on the wrath of sandy. >>> reporter: a storm surge nearly 14 feet high pushed ashore flooding hundreds of miles of coastline from virginia to massachusetts. >> it's the most flooding i have seen in all the years i have lived here. >> reporter: floodwater and high winds have knocked out power to millions of people. >> we are seeing a large number of fires caused by downed wires an elec
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